Office of the Trustee

Trustee, Bob Boyer

Trustee, Bob Boyer

Deputy Trustee, Sheana Crist

Deputy Trustee, Sheana Crist

Sugar Creek Township is a political subdivision of the State of Indiana.  Sugar Creek Township is 36 square miles, bounded on the west by Hancock County Road 800 W (Carroll Road in Indianapolis), on the South by County Road 600 S (Thompson Road) on the east by County Road 200 W the northern boundary is just North of US 40.

The population of Sugar Creek Township in the 2010 Census was 14,920.

Sugar Creek Township has one of the highest average per capita incomes in the State of Indiana.


The township provides the following services:

  • Fire Protection

  • Emergency Medical Services at the Advanced Life Support level

  • Township Assistance (formerly known as “poor relief”)

  • Care of Abandoned Cemeteries

  • Township Park

The township is administered by a Township Trustee which is an elected position elected every four years.  The current trustee is Bob Boyer who is in his second term as trustee.

The Trustee is a “part time” position.

The township has one part time Deputy who also handles Township Assistance.

The Township office hours are Monday thru Thursday 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  The Township office is located on the North side of Fire Station 45.